Rewrite Your Book

with Robin Van Auken

If you're a self-published author, like me, you may not be satisfied with your book sales. You may think marketing is the problem. Think again.

Maybe your book is the problem.

The good news is, you have control of your book. You have the power to improve it. Once you do that, the marketing takes care of itself. Let's Rewrite Your Book together.

Rewrite Your Book with Robin Van Auken
Rewrite Your Book with Robin Van Auken

Why Rewrite Your Book?

You're a published author. You're independent, self-reliant, confident, and you got this done.


So how are your book sales going? Was there an upturn when you first published? How long did your sales last?

When sales declined, did you buy ads and self-help books and marketing classes and then even more ads to keep your book sales going? How did that work for you?

I can tell you how they worked for me. I'm embarrassed that my book sales never covered the cost of writing, self-publishing, much less marketing my book.

What can we do? How can we learn how to sell our books when they keep changing the rules?

Here's a thought—maybe our books can be better. Better books earn better reviews. Good reviews sell books and boost page rankings. How can we make our books better?

The solution? Let's work together to improve our books!

Let's "workshop" our books in my private, online book club. I'm an excellent teacher and moderator, and I'm tech savvy, so I know I can help you.

Interested? Contact me to learn more about my book club schedule and how to Rewrite Your Book.

About Robin

I am an author and a researcher, with an interest in the publishing industry. My favorite thing to do is to learn new things and share what works. Things like connections, ideas, and ways to do things smarter and better.

I am also a former college educator, specializing in the practice and instruction of a variety of topics, including journalism, web communications, social media, mass media marketing, event planning, and public relations.

I have vast experience writing and editing and am proficient with using all major software platforms and web applications (Microsoft, Adobe, Google, etc.). I also design websites. Technology is my artist's palette, and I use it to create books, museum exhibits, presentations, classes, and more.

Rewrite Your Book with Robin Van Auken

Contact Robin

This is where you send me a bit of information about yourself. Take a few moments to tell me about your book and your dreams for it. I'm listening.

I'll share the Rewrite Your Book Club schedule and terms of use, and if you're interested, you can sign up and we'll start working together.

Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in my ideas, and whether you decide to Rewrite Your Book with me, or go it alone, I applaud you for continuing to invest in yourself, your growth as an author, and your contributions to the world as a creative individual. You have something important to say, and I thank you for sharing it!